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When Worlds Collide

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Do you think nature should be conserved for future generations, or is it a resource to be exploited for profit?

How can government policies provide economic benefit, whilst being environmentally sustainable and delivering social fairness for all those affected, even the most disadvantaged groups?

Join our FREE online course about the management of our natural resources and how we can make better decisions when faced with tough environmental issues.

Who is this course for? 

This course is for anyone who is concerned about the world’s environmental problems and the policies used to tackle them. We assume a knowledge of these problems, and we start by understanding basic principles so that you may learn how to make difficult decisions about natural resource management with fairness.

This course may be most interesting for learners at school or university level, or professionals working in natural resource management. The course is most relevant to individuals with interests in the following subjects: geography, environmental science, natural sciences, ecology, politics and law.

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